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Puzzle Games
Telescope 2 Featured Game: Telescope 2
Have you completed all 15 levels of Telescope 1? Take on levels 16 - 25 for a whole new challenge! You get 5 points for each move until you reach par. After that you get -1 point for each move over par.

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Xlight Xlight
Guide your ghost thru the rooms collecting keys to open the door.
Xmas Tetris Xmas Tetris
Xmas Tetris
Xraye Xraye
Hit all pegs to complete the level. Some require multiple hits
Yahtzee 23. Yahtzee 23.
Yeti Bubbles Yeti Bubbles
A Puzzle de Pon style game with a yeti and a penguin !
Zelda Zelda
Like a puzzle solve.
Znax Znax
Click 4 tiles of the same color and form squares as big as you can. You will erase all the tiles inside the square and collect points.
Zookeeper Zookeeper
Click any two animals next to each other (horizontally or vertically) and they swap round. If that gives three identical animals in a row they vanish, if not they swap back. Your time continuously ticks down, making animals vanish gives you more time.
Zookeeper 2 Zookeeper 2
Zookeeper Puzzle 2
Zyrx Zyrx
Match the pattern of dots in the blue box by clicking the large dots in the orange grid.You have only a couple seconds to memorize the pattern. Break 2000 points and enter round 2 where you'll need to double click for Purple dots and single click for white dots.
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