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Play Mouse Breaker Game of the Day

This is the war of the mouse cursors! To eliminate the attacking cursor opponents you can draw walls, shoot with other cursors or throw bombs.
Play Mouse Breaker
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  1. Bubble Shooter

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Action Games
Beaver Trouble
Play Beaver TroubleBilly the beaver is in trouble... AGAIN. Help him out please!
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Shooting Games
Duck Hunt 2: Dog Shooting
Play Duck Hunt 2: Dog ShootingThe dog likes to laugh at you when you miss ducks now its payback! Press Return to submit
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Puzzle Games
Tiki Island
Play Tiki IslandYou are shipwrecked on Tiki Island. Keep the castaways drunk by mixing cocktails with the booze that washes ashore in this puzzle game.
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Sports Games
Mole Hunt
Play Mole HuntYou are a cricket trying to get the food. Different areas of the level slow you down,
and make sure you watch out for the other things trying to eat you.
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Skill Games
Flower Power
Play Flower PowerNot available.
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Classic Games
Pack Jack
Play Pack JackA pacman game with pumpkins
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Racing Games
Flash Sprint
Play Flash SprintHave you got what it takes to be the fastest?
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Casino Games
Birds Of A Feather Slots
Play Birds Of A Feather SlotsMultiline Slot
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Flying Games
Inner Defense
Play Inner DefenseInner Defense - Defend yourself
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Side Scrolling Games
Alex Trax
Play Alex TraxSee In Game
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Memory Games
Memory 3D
Play Memory 3Dhow fast can you match the cards?
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NES Games
Mario Crossover
Play Mario CrossoverA classic game with a twist! Play the original Super Mario Brothers levels as some of the most popular NES characters.
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